Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten long weeks of the CP Project and it ends by walking the plank.  This project at first started very slow, it felt like the Celebration of Learning was going to be a few knots away. But in the second or third week it really set sail. My essential question was: How did pirates affect the past? I answered this question successfully, but if I was to further my research I would look at different parts of the world that have been hit hard with piracy. I focused on the pirates in the New World. One of the greatest success I had in this project was getting notes I found lots of great sources that helped me answer my essential question. The challenge was trying to put this all together in one final product to show my learning. The paper took me the longest to finish because I have trouble thoroughly analyzing quotes and texts. Something I would do differently for my project is to plan ahead of time and make a ten week schedule to show what I need to do. This project taught me a lot about piracy and showed me that media and books puts a silly twist on pirates. I showed in my paper the true nature of pirates in the past, there are many more things that I didn't mention that will also interest you. I learned to be more analytical while researching, thinking about the what if's and imagining what could have happened also analyzing how pirates thought and worked. The CP Project has truly allowed me to grow as a student.  What is a pirates favorite letter? ARRR. Why couldn't Tommy get into the pirate movie? It was rated ARRR!

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