Monday, May 12, 2014

I finished my paper last week and I am getting it checked.  My visual is coming along great but it's still not done. One of the sources I used for my paper is article about a brief history of piracy called: "A Brief History of Piracy" it informed me about how piracy originated and about the Golden Age of Piracy, one of the more significant events in piracy. This was just some background information for my paper. Another one of my sources was an article called "Rationality, Pirates and the Law: A Retrospective" this gave me information on how pirates affected the law. Both of these sources helped me progress in my CP project.

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  1. I saw your painting and it looked pretty rad. How is your paper? Like, what's the writing style? How long is it? Are you going to have a copy of it for the celebration of learning? Btw you'd make a gnarly pirate.