Monday, March 31, 2014

Yo guys. So my pirate research is going pretty awesome! They're making a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie called a Dead Man Tells No Tales. Sounds good so go watch it! I learned that there are a lot of stereotypes that pirates usually didn't happen, like making someone walk the plank is false, or the classic parrot on the shoulder. Even though Blackbeard was a notorious pirate and well known there were more successful pirates. I got my source from: None of the things I researched helped me answer my essential questions. The question I still have is: How did piracy affect trade? I still have a lot to learn young padawans. Peace out!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hullo fellow project peeps, for my Humanities CP project I have decided to research about pirates. You may think this is boring  and just like the things we have done in humanities, but I feel history is an important part of our modern and future world. I have had a fascination with pirates the open sea, the smell of the salty sea, plundering and pillaging for gold and valuables. My essential question for this project is: How did pirates affect the ancient world? Hopefully my final product will get you more interested in my topic. Thanks for listening.